Kangaroo - AI - Bridging Australia to the World
The idea for Kangaroo Coin was inspired by the intersection of AI and blockchain technology, as well as Australia's affinity for both.
Kangaroo Coin is a Meme cryptocurrency project that aims to tap into the love and admiration for Australia and its iconic animal, the kangaroo. The project involves creating a digital currency that allows people to demonstrate their love for Australia and its culture. The project aims to build a strong community of users who share a passion for Australia and to create a unique and engaging use case for the Kangaroo Coin.


Please be aware this is a list of desires and plan maybe update follow the market. it's all community driven:

Q2 2023:

  • Token creation and smart contract development
  • Website launch
  • Community building and marketing campaign
  • Airdrop Event
  • LP Locked: 10% of Total Supply
  • Founder Token Locked: 10% of total Supply
  • Crowdfunding: Round 1: 12/05/2023 (10% of Total Supply - Best Price - 0.000001 USD)
  • Crowdfunding: Round 2: 20/05/2023 (35% of Total Supply - Price - 0.0000015 USD Unsold Tokens will be burned)
  • Listing Price 0.0000025, 30/05/2023.

Q3-Q4 2023:

  • What will be, will be, anything can happen.


Q: How do I buy Kangaroo Token (Kangaroo)?
A: Prepare enough ETH in your Arbitrum wallet
Join pinksale and follow instruction to buy
Q: What wallet should I use to store KANGAROO?
A: Compatible wallets include Metamask, Trust Wallet, and other wallets that support Arbitrum ERC-20 tokens.
Q: What makes Kangaroo Token unique compared to other meme coins?
A: Kangaroo Token stands out due to its innovative AI initiation, Australia Economy, transparent approach, and dedicated community.
Contact Information:
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